Welcome To DG People.

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Research • Strategy • Planning • Execution

Of The People. For The People. By The People.

Welcome To DG People.

Strategy to Success

Our 360 plan towards Victory

Of The People. For The People. By The People.

Campaign Strategy and Planning

Roadmap to Election Day – Navigating the Vote Strategy and Planning Guide.


Survey, Research and Party Focussed Initiatives

Election Intelligence - Examining Voter Minds & Party/Candidate Influence.

Presence Marketing- Online, traditional and PR

To reach every Voter – Dominating the presence from Screens to Streets.

Community, Crisis and Communication Management

Defined approach towards 3Cs to generate confidence in the election


Audience Support, Voters Vote- Bridge The Gap With Us

Founded in 2015, DG Media has grown persistently over the years through the referrals of satisfied clients and the quality of services provided to them, thus leading now with the name of "Devout Growth Media Pvt Ltd." The passion with which it has helped clients in tapping the opportunities of rapidly evolving branding practices has made it acquire the status of the most trusted Election Management Agency in Patna, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Mumbai

We are one of the best PR agencies in India. At present, the agency entails a prestigious list of clientele that includes some of the prominent individual political leaders/ public figures, the national running parties like - Congress, BJP, JAP(L), LJP (Lok Janshakti Party), and many more.

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Political Party Services With Fleet Management

Survey and Research

Conducting in-depth surveys to gauge voter sentiment and opinions on key issues...

Election Campaign Planning

Developing a comprehensive campaign strategy that outlines the overall goals, target voters, messaging, and key areas.

Election Expenditure Management

Developing a comprehensive budget for the entire election campaign, including both fixed and variable expenses.

Building Relationships with PR

Developing and maintaining relationships with journalists, editors, and media outlets to secure positive coverage for the...

Online Presence Marketing

Formulating a comprehensive digital marketing strategy tailored to the campaign's objectives, target audience,..

Rally And Other Event Setups

Developing detailed plans for campaign events, including rallies, town halls, fundraisers, and public appearances.

LED Van, WA and Other Personalized

Providing LED vans equipped with large, high-resolution displays for mobile advertising.

On-Ground activities

Our political strategy consulting services empower you to achieve your goals, whether you're a candidate, a cause,

Effective Election Branding Services

Election branding goes beyond just a catchy slogan or logo. It's the deliberate strategy of creating a unique and,...

Audio & Video Election Services

Audio and video services play a crucial role in modern election campaigns, serving various purposes to engage...

Merchandizing & Other distribution

While campaign t-shirts and flags remain staples, election merchandising has evolved beyond these traditional items.

WAR Room Setup Management

The heart of any political campaign is the war room, a central hub where strategists, campaign staff, and volunteers come...


Election On- Demand Services

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Call Centre Set up and Management

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Election Management Software

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LED Advertisements Management

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Bulk WhatsApp and Other Services

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On-Ground Activities and Campaigns

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Merchandizing and Branding Services

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Production and Broadcasting

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Social Media Advertisements

Best Wishes For Elections


Wishing all candidates and the leading political party a successful and inspiring campaign centered on pertinent issues. May the forthcoming election serve as a manifestation of democratic values and our collective dedication to a prosperous future. We pledge to assist in aligning your campaign with the interests of the electorate, ensuring resonance and garnering votes for your triumph.

Election Campaign Company in Patna

Upcoming Elections

Lok Sabha Election

Indian general election, New Delhi India 2024*

30 Days 7 Hour 36 Min 13 Sec

Vidhansabha Election

Maharashtra, Haryana- October 2024*

Vidhansabha Election

Jharkhand- November/December 2024*

Vidhansabha Election

Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Odisha- November/December 2024*



Media Coverage

Explore the latest media coverage and recognition DG People has garnered from around the globe. From inspiring stories to groundbreaking initiatives, discover how our platform is making waves and leaving a lasting impact.

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Latest Blog

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Importance of social media in elections

मौजूदा दौर में भारत सहित पूरा विश्व सामाजिक मीडिया एवं डिजिटल क्रान्ति की चरम पर है. एक क्लिक के साथ करोड़ों लोगों से संवाद स्थापित किया,..

Role of digital media in elections

कार या बस में लगे झंडे, लाउडस्पीकर से प्रत्याशी को जिताने की अपील के साथ धुंआधार नारेबाजी और छोटे-छोटे प्लास्टिक या कागज के बिल्लों,..

First choice of leaders for election campaign

सोशल मीडिया ने देश को चुनाव प्रचार के लिहाज से एक नया रंग दे दिया है। चाहे बात खबरों की हो, विरोधियों पर निशाना साधना हो या फिर किसी,..